Inspired by filmmakers like Werner Herzog D.G.W. Hedges dropped out of college in 2008 to make a feature film. He wrote a script about a brother and sister who are reunited and a strange silent albino man who is mistaken for an angel. D.G.W Hedges moved to New Orleans in 2009 to film it with an old friend, Kelly Stiles. After shooting wrapped up D.G.W Hedges moved back to Chicago to edit the final product. In 2010 he finished editing “When You Get To Heaven”. In the credits to the film D.G.W Hedges named the production company Lopsided Productions after the fact that during filming Kelly Stiles could never find level ground anywhere in New Orleans. D.G.W Hedges tried to organize a tour to promote the film which was something of a mild disaster so the film wasn’t a technical success but it was a great learning experience.

After relocating to New Orleans D.G.W Hedges was inspired by Missoula Oblongata, a traveling DIY theater troup that he had met while touring with When You Get To Heaven, and decided to focus on theater. Starting with Oogles in 2011 D.G.W Hedges has written and produced four plays in the last four years, Oogles, Craigslist Live!, Hipsters and The Interrogation on a shoestring budget. D.G.W Hedges finds DIY community theater be an inspiring medium for writing thought provoking and funny stories.

D.G.W Hedges is currently working on a new play for 2016 and wants to continue making episodes of ”This Old Punk House”, a sitcom parody on Youtube.